North Shields Subbuteo Table Football


.....and what's it all about?

We are a group of players who live in the North Shields, South Tyneside, Darlington, Chopwell, Hexham and Teesside areas.

We get together in both small and larger groups to play friendlies, league fixtures, tournaments and other competitions. These can be played on either a relaxed basis or on a more formal basis such as local WASPA tournaments. 

Subbuteo table football is still very popular and very much alive amongst people of a more, shall we say, 'mature age', but there are still a fair number of younger people, kids and ladies who play the game.

Basically, we want to provide an opportunity and an environment for players and potential players of the North East of England to play table football in the spirit of fair play, mutual respect and competition.

Although tournaments, leagues and friendlies can be played in many formats, there is one set of rules that we all generally play to. These are the FISTF rules, version 5.0  There is a link to these on the links page.

FISTF is very much like the governing body of football, FIFA.

When we were kids, most of us just skimmed over the rules or even made them up.  Playing to the correct rules adds new dimensions to the game and makes it really competitive.


Initially,  they do seem quite complicated, but after a few games you start to pick them up.

Subbuteo is almost a combination of football, chess and snooker.  It requires a high level of concentration, skill and a certain level of fitness!

What will I need to start playing?

Nothing. When you meet up with us for your first few sessions you can use some of our gear. We have teams you can use and it will give you the chance to see what's what.

The basics are, a solid/level board with a surround. A pitch. Astro pitches or the modern equivalent are the best. Metal goals. Teams, a keeper, a ball, a timer, polish and a polishing cloth to polish your bases. This makes your players glide more smoothly across the playing surface.

There are all sorts of teams, players, bases and accessories available for subbuteo nowadays. See the links page for some of the options available.

The lads in action............