North Shields Subbuteo Table Football


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Nigel 2 - 4 Chris and 0 - 1, 31/1/19. Couple of really good games today. Excellent goals by both players in the first game.


Results from Chopwell 22nd November 2018

Dave 1 - 0 Nigel

Nigel 0 - 0 Chris

Dave 0 - 1 Chris

Highlights of the session;

Dave's excellent winner against Nigel with a defence splitting pass followed by a one timer shot.... nice!

Nigel's stubborn defending and determination against Chris. A well deserved point.

Chris's general attacking and possession play with a well taken finish against Dave.

Well done all!

The new TVT season started last night in North Shields – here are the brief match reports.


Stephen 0 – 0 Nigel


Both players played attacking games seeking out chances and opportunities to exploit gaps in the opposing defence. Unfortunately neither could find the finish to win the game so the points were shared.


Nigel 1 – 1 Chris


Chris enjoyed most of the possession and created some good chances to score but a mixture of good goalkeeping and the woodwork denied him. Nigel went ahead early in the second half with some neat passing on the left flank creating the scoring opportunity. Chris pressed for the equalizer which came rather fortunately for him when Nigel’s goalkeeper struggled to save a shot that he dragged back into his goal.


Chris 3 – 0 Stephen


Chris enjoyed most of the possession but his early shooting lacked the require accuracy to take advantage. However, his pressure paid dividends with a couple of goals in the first half followed by another in the second. Stephen did have his moments and almost caught out Chris in the second half with a deflected shot that hit the post.


A good night’s Subbuteo that pushed Chris all the way.

Next fixtures



Nigel v Dave

Stephen v Dave

Stephen v Nigel


North Shields


Chris v Dave

Dave v Stephen

Chris v Stephen


League Table


                PLD    W   D   L    F      A     GD     PTS

Chris           4      2    2    0    5      1     +4         6


Nigel           4      0    3    1    1      2      -1         3


Dave           2      1    0    1    1      1       0         2

Stephen      2      0    1    1    0      3      -3         1


Final standings 2017-18 season


                PLD    W   D   L    F      A     GD     PTS

Chris           12    10    2    0    23     1    +22      22


Dave           12      6    3    3    14     8     +6       15

Nigel           12      6    3    3     8      3     +5       15

Andy           12      2    3    7     6     12    -6        7

Stephen      12      0    1    11   1     28   -27       1

Chris receives the Championship trophy from Dave whilst Stephen tries to look cool.....



CHRIS KABERRY            32           PTS 151.10
DAVE BROTHERS           81           PTS  90.10
NIGEL LAMOND              93           PTS  83.50 
ANDY MILL                     180          PTS 47.90                                                                STEPHEN DOBBISON    253          PTS 33.50                           


Another WASPA CUP title for Chris Kaberry in Ponteland

Nigel Lamond v Chris Kaberry 0-2

Scores level at half time but a quick two goal blast at the beginning of the second half saw Chris into the final.

Dave Brothers v Stephen Dobbison 5-0

A one sided affair with Dave running out a comfortable winner.

Nigel Lamond v Stephen Dobbison 0-1

Tight game which was ultimately decided after great honesty from Nigel gifted Stephen a shot on goal which went low into the corner.

Chris Kaberry v Dave Brothers 3-0

Chris won the competition with a competent display of accurate shooting.


1. Chris Kaberry
2. Dave Brothers
3. Stephen Dobbison
4. Nigel Lamond

Tournament held 7th October 2018

Chris Kaberry emphatic in Ponteland

The scheduled 4 team tournament on 29th April 2018 became a 3 team tournament prior to kick off with the withdrawal of Andy Mill due to injury, therefore, a round robin was played. 

Game 1

Stephen Dobbison v Dave Brothers 1-1

A good contest with Dave taking a very early lead, however, Stephen found his feet and created most of the shooting opportunities but was denied time and again by fine goalkeeping. Finally with 2 minutes to go Stephen scored and the game ended even.

Game 2

Stephen Dobbison v Chris Kaberry 0-3

A match dominated by Chris who scored twice midway through the first half. Stephen was then able to settle and got in some good blocks and had possession but Chris scored again early in the second half which was the end of the scoring.

Game 3

Chris Kaberry v Dave Brothers 5-0

A game of two halves both dominated by Chris who scored an early goal and had Dave on the back foot. Then 3 goals in a devastating 2 minute spell gave Chris a 4 goal half time lead. A further second half strike sealed Dave’s fate and Chris the trophy.


1. Chris Kaberry
2. Stephen Dobbison
3. Dave Brothers

Dave Brothers wins in Ponteland


Semi Final

Stephen 0 - 1 Chris

Dave      0*- 0 Andy

3rd place play-off

Stephen 1 - 3 Andy


Dave 1 - 0 Chris

Tournament played 22nd October 2017

Andy Mill wins in Ponteland

Semi Finals

Nigel Lamond 0*- 0 Stephen Dobbison

Andy Mill         1 - 0 Dave Brothers

3/4 Place play-off

Dave Brothers 1 - 0 Stephen Dobbison


Andy Mill 1 - 0 Nigel Lamond

Tournament held 13th September 2017

Australian, Adrian Elmer wins in Chopwell

An excellent evenings play in Chopwell, Friday 4th August 2017, where Adrian, on holiday in Europe with his family, won this mini promotional tournament after a tense shootout with Chris Kaberry.  Dave Brothers hosted.  Just shows what you can do if you make an effort to organise a game or two with someone from the other side of the planet.

Scores were.... Dave 0 - 2 Adrian, Dave 0 - 2 Chris, Chris 1 - 1 Adrian. Adrian won shootout 1 - 0. Well done lads!

Dave Brothers wins his first WASPA title in North Shields

Only three players took part in this mini tournament in North Shields on Friday evening of 8th April 2016.

Chris Kaberry refereed proceedings on this occasion.

All three players were very evenly matched and the play was very competitive and tight throughout. Possession play was 50/50 in all three games and it was obvious that the odd goal was going to be crucial. Andy got one of them against Nigel, but Nigel had his chances and was unlucky not to get a point. Dave scored the only other goal in the third game. The outcome of the whole evening would have been different if Nigel had netted an absolute sitter in front of goal, 50 seconds from time. A great save from Dave kept him out.

Dave kept his cool to win the subsequent shoot out with Andy 2 - 0.

Well done to all three players for a very entertaining and enjoyable evening.


Andy 0 - 0 Dave

Nigel 0 - 1 Andy

Dave 1 - 0 Nigel

Andy 3 pts +1

Dave 3 pts +1

Nigel 0 pts -2

*Dave wins shoot out 2 - 0

Pictured above, Dave Brothers, Andy Mill and Nigel Lamond

Chris Kaberry wins the WASPA Cup in North Shields

This mini tournament on Friday 28th October 2016 kicked off with the first semi final between Chris & Nigel. Two goals in 10 minutes by Chris effectively killed the tie off and Nigel struggled to get into the game thereafter. Nigel was close to scoring a consolation towards the end of the game but a well positioned keeper kept him out.

Dave played Andy in the second semi. This was always going to be a tight game between two players who play and practice together regularly. Possession was 50/50 with Dave getting the best chances and hitting the woodwork twice. 0-0 at full time, the game went into a shootout that Dave won 3-1 with ruthless efficiency.

Nigel and Andy contested 3rd & 4th place. An intriguing game saw Nigel try to frustrate Andy with possession play whilst Andy tried the more aggressive and direct route to goal. The only goal of the game came mid-way through the second period. Some neatly controlled passing play by Nigel created an opening centre left and he cooly netted bottom right. Andy piled the pressure on but to no avail. Nigel finally 'parked the Bus' and took 3rd spot.

Chris played WASPA Cup holder Dave in the final.  Chris dominated possession throughout the game and limited Dave to sporadic snap shots that went wide. Chris created some excellent chances, but Dave made great saves to keep him out. With the clock ticking, a shootout beckoning and less than 2 minutes left on the clock, Chris, with some quick flicks broke through and netted bottom left.

A great evenings play, competition, refereeing and entertainment with some excellent hosting from Andy Mill. Well done lads!

Semi finals

Chris 2 - 0 Nigel

Dave 0*- 0 Andy

*Dave wins shootout 3-1

3rd/4th place play-off

Nigel 1 - 0 Andy


Chris 1 - 0 Dave

Nigel Lamond wins his first WASPA Cup title in North Shields

Shock waves rumbled down Trinity Street on the evening of 25th November 2016 as Nigel Lamond picked up his first WASPA title.

The opener between Andy and Dave was another tight affair. The pace was hot from the off which resulted in frequent changes of possession and a lot of huffing and puffing. After half time Andy started to take control and scored a real cracker that looped into the top right hand corner. Despite working hard, Dave could not find that recent good form and Andy edged it 1 - 0.

Dave played Nigel in game 2. From the off it was apparent that Nigel meant business. He kept his defense well organized, kept good possession, created good chances, passed well, flicked well and was cool with his finishing. Dave could not find that touch and was frustrated by Nigel's possession play. 2 - 0 to Nigel.

The decider between Nigel and Andy was a great game. Both players really went for it but never lost their shape. Some aggressive attacking play by Andy thwarted once again by Nigel's cool possession play and some great flicking all around the pitch. Both players had chances to win this game but it was Nigel who took advantage of a defensive error to slot home. Andy really pressed hard for the last few minutes but couldn't find that final pass he needed. 1 - 0 to Nigel.

Another great little tournament in Shields. Thanks to Chris Kaberry for refereeing and Andy Mill for his hospitality. Well done lads!

Chris Kaberry wins again.....

Another tight and tense mini tournament was held in North Shields last night, hosted by current WASPA Cup holder Nigel Lamond.
Three very closely fought games were played out with Chris and Dave both edging the host narrowly by 1 - 0 in the first two. The final and deciding game was dominated in the main by Chris who missed some really good chances to take the lead and extend it. Dave made some great saves and was always dangerous on the break. Chris had a great chance with three minutes to go but hit the bar.  A tense shootout followed with Dave taking the lead and Chris scoring twice to move ahead 2-1. Dave tipped off the keeper and bar with his final shot.  These mini tournaments in Shields are very competitive and excellent practice for both playing and refereeing. More groups and clubs should try it.  Thanks to Nigel for hosting and for the tea, coffee and biscuits. 

Andy Mill wins his first WASPA Cup title in North Shields.

Andy Mill snatched his first WASPA title on 10th July in dramatic fashion with a well-taken goal just 30 seconds from time.


Dave and Nigel drew the first game 1 – 1. While both players had chances to win, Nigel should have scored midway through the second half when he shot wide of an empty net. Game two finished Andy 0 – 0 Dave. Again, another tight game between these two that could have gone either way. The final game was very close with both players creating but not scoring. A nervous Nigel was mentally preparing himself for a shootout with Dave, when Andy made a cool move down the left (not like him) and took his time to score from a tight angle. It should be noted that Andy played both his games in an inebriated state after drinking several Jamesons Whiskeys, celebrating with a friend earlier that afternoon. Perhaps he should try this more often!


Thanks to Andy for his hospitality and entertainment. Another excellent mini tournament in Shields!